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A strategy lover & multi-tasking magician


I spent decades feeling heavy in my body thinking I had been doing "all the things". Counting, calculating, logging, planning-- basically ALL of the ways to live in my head, completely disconnected from my FOREVER home.
But here is what I know deep in my bones and I'm here to share it with you:
I understand reaching your ideal weight matters.
You matter.
This is beyond the number on the scale.
We are talking about creating a magical lightness for your body.
After having my kids, the weight really packed on and it felt like a perpetual struggle to keep it off. I felt frustrated with the constant thinking, calculating, counting, logging.
I knew I was capable of hard work, organization and achieving massive results. I had done it already in my work life and in so many areas of my personal life. But somehow, for years-- my "hard work, planner approach" didn't create permanent traction when it came to weight loss.
I've discovered, weight loss is different.
And it requires a unique strategy.
Now, let's be clear.
Diligently counting, calculating, logging did work for the short periods of time.
But I didn't want to live my life with a calculator in my hand.
It was my rejection of the calculating-circus that led me to discover the beautiful Brilliance of the Working-Mom's Brain.
This is where the the Freedom had been waiting, the whole time.
And my Body was ready and waiting for me to re-connect with her.
I just had to learn how. 


I have lost over 60 lbs and maintained this with ease, without the calculating-circus or intense exercise. Rather, there is now a calm and ease around weekends, celebrations, vacations and just the busy MAMA-life. I have discovered tools and created strategies that are rooted in science and mindset.
In addition to being a board certified ObGyn physician, I'm a Life & Weight Loss Coach with an Advanced Certification in Deep Dive Coaching.
It is truly magical bringing science and mindset together, especially when it comes to transforming the Working Mom's Brain.
This is what led me to create The Unstoppable Mom Brain. It is a feeling of love for you, a fellow ninja-working-mom who is reading this right now. Because I know how much more delicious life can be, when this struggle is done and healed.


I've been right where you are.
There is just one thing I want you to take away: you've done PLENTY of hard things in your life and achieved MASSIVE results already. Losing weight doesn't have to be another hard task on your to-do list.
Reaching your ideal weight can be simple and joyous.
She's ready, friend. She doesn't want to wait another day.


My clients aren't just shedding pounds of weight from their body.
They are feeling more confident and calm.
They are healing relationships.
Sparking more presence with their kids.
Becoming more powerfully decisive at work.
We are going to get to WORK inside Unstoppable and it starts the moment you join. It is the most DELICIOUS kind of hard work when you reap forever results for it.
Does this sound like what you want? Then Unstoppable is probably going to be home for you.


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