The Truth About Flour and Sugar | Weight Loss for Unstoppable Moms with Dr. Priyanka Venugopal

Episode #15: The Truth About Flour and Sugar

Jul 12, 2022

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Do you know the truth about flour and sugar? It actually plays an important role in how your body holds onto and loses weight. But even though we may already know this, reducing our intake of sugar and flour still feels like a huge challenge, so today, we’re going to change that.

The idea of eliminating flour and sugar from our lives and never having it again brings up a lot of thoughts for many, many people. But when you hear the facts (supported by science and research) and my perspective as a physician, a coach, and a working mom who has lost 60 pounds, you’ll finally understand the effects flour and sugar are having on your weight loss.

Tune in this week to discover the truth about flour and sugar. I’m sharing why there’s nothing wrong with you if you find yourself overeating flour and sugar, why doing so feels good in the moment, and what changes when you understand the impact flour and sugar have on your brain and body through a lens of curiosity.


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What You’ll Learn from this Episode:



  • Why I never ever label flour and sugar, or any food, as bad.
  • The importance of understanding food through a lens of curiosity.
  • Why it’s so easy to overeat flour and sugar without feeling satiated.
  • How highly-processed foods are designed at the chemical level to keep your brain going.
  • Where you might be ingesting flour and sugar in some form without even realizing.
  • My personal perspectives on flour and sugar and the trials and tribulations these foods presented on my weight loss journey.
  • The real-life effects that flour and sugar are having on your brain, body, and the scale.
  • Why I’m not here to help you eliminate flour and sugar, and how to make it part of living a healthy life.


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