Introducing The Weight Loss for Unstoppable Moms Podcast with Dr. Priyanka Venugopal

Introducing The Weight Loss For Unstoppable Moms Podcast

Apr 19, 2022



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Weight Loss for Unstoppable Moms is the podcast for ambitious working moms that want to finally reach their ideal weight with more joy and stay there with ease.

The magic of reaching YOUR ideal weight starts is a journey to connect with your forever home again. Busy working moms are ninjas at planning and multitasking, but this has also left you disconnected from your body. 

Join me every Tuesday wherever you get your podcasts so you can learn the 
exact steps you need to take to achieve lightness on the scale and your life.


We are Celebrating!

To celebrate the launch of the show, I'm giving away a pair of Apple AirPods to three lovely listeners who follow, rate & review the show. We are now in each other's orbit and I think this warrants a celebration, don't you?


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