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You wanted to hit your dream, ideal weight YESTERDAY... but then LIFE happens and the first thing that goes is your body goal. I've created this mini-course just for you. In just 5 minutes per day, over 5 days you're going to learn specific mini-concepts that is going to help you feel better in your body and hit your goal weight this year. Lets go. 

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The 3 Step Process to obliterate the high achiever's biggest obstacles in hitting your dream, ideal weight.

1. How to Prioritize your Goal

Women want life to get easier before they prioritize their body goals. Instead of waiting and wishing for life to slow down I'm going to show you how to hit your goal even when real life is happening. 

2. How to Be Accountable

You don't need another Accountability Buddy. What is even better is developing the muscle of inner accountability, so you follow through on what you said you were going to do.

3. How to Love the PROCESS

If you hate the way you're losing weight and your experience of it-- you're 100% going to quit at it. Instead I'm going to teach you a mini concept that turns this around, so you can fall in love with the process of weight loss to create lasting results on the scale.

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Hi, I'm Priyanka.


I worked as a busy ObGyn physician and Mama to 2 little kids with unpredictable hours when I finally lost weight for the last time.

If you had met me a few years ago, you would see me tipping the scale over 200 lbs, counting calories and feeling incredibly frustrated.

I see high achieving working moms making the same mistakes I made.

  • Focus on strict and perfect plans.
  • Don't love the process.
  • Wait for Monday "fresh starts"
  • Allow a hard moment to undo the week.

In my experience as a board certified Ob/Gyn and advanced certified mindset coach for high achieving working moms, I have gotten to know the high achiever's brain well.

High achievers have to solve this problem while living their real lives. You don't need more time to lose weight, you just need the mini-concepts I'm going to teach you.

Reaching your ideal weight isn't about how smart or capable you are.


If that was it you would already be there.


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