Let me introduce you to Sookie and Lyla.

Sookie and Lyla are both hard-working-moms with the same credentials and work background... they both love planning to create better things for their own life and that of their kids and family. They both want lightness... in their life and for their bodies.

And this is where their similarities end.


Meet Sookie.

(her full name is Sookie Do-It-All)


She works hard.
She's often thinking about the next thing she needs to do.
She finds herself doing mental-gymnastics to fit it all in -- 
......... mostly because she wants to find that best-right-way.

This includes weight loss.
Sookie has tried all the diets.
She's counted calories, logged points, counted carbs and macros.
She has even weighed food and tried juice cleanses.

Last year, she had her thyroid checked, which was normal... and then to her doctors chagrin, requested a "full hormone work-up"... 

A few years ago - when she was particularly frustrated, she tried a "foot shaking" thing she heard about from a good friend. Basically, she shook her foot all day, under her desk while at work. It was meant to be an "easy and passive" way to calorie burn and lose weight. 

It didn't work.

Sookie is in a rush to see results.
And she always has in the back of her mind, she could be doing more... 

She could be doing better.

Because she doesn't see sustained results, she gives up part of the way and then spends a lot of time in planning-mode for "the next time".

Even when she doesn't mean to think about plans... her mind is always ON.
Even when she's "relaxing" or playing with her kids... she can't help but check her emails to "mentally prep" for the next day.

She's often thinking about the next thing -- and has a hard time actually relaxing (though this is what she says she wants more of)

She believes More is Better.
She wants to be more productive and smarter at work.
She wants to be more present and connected with her kids and family.

She finds herself feeling guilty for having childcare unless she's doing "something productive"... or work-related...


The trouble is she loses steam after a while.
She thinks, if only she could see the Results of her efforts... she'd feel better.
More accomplished, fulfilled, satisfied.... lighter

Then maybe she'd really be able to take a break and rest.


She knows that her experience of weight loss, work and mom-life could be better...

       but doesn't quite know how - yet.


Meet Lyla.

(her full name is Lyla Lightness)

Lyla has approached weight loss differently than Sookie.
Though she also loves DOING all the things, planning with her colored pens and fancy apps... she knows that the Plan doesn't create her success.


Lyla trusts herself.

She feels open to receiving Joy and Success.

Lyla is losing weight with more simplicity than she ever has before. 
She doesn't questioning herself or the process.

Since she trusts herself, she is able to look at her results with complete curiosity.

Lyla knows that More isn't better, it's just More.

Lyla feels a willingness to be with herself through it all.
She's learned how to feel disappointment and stress without turning to food or alcohol.
She now thinks, "I'm so worth it" on a regular basis.
             -- and then goes out and proves it to herself daily.


She prioritizes things that matter and communicates what she wants clearly.
She doesn't nag her husband anymore.
She gets childcare when she chooses.
She has stopped feeling guilty for prioritizing what is important to her...
                 and she has arranged her life accordingly.


Lyla knows how to reach her ideal weight.
She can see forward -- it's just done.
It's a predictable and reproducible process.
She's stopped looking at the calendar to measure her success.
She knows she's getting there no matter what.


Here is the thing -- there is no Perfect Lyla... and no Imperfect Sookie.
We all have a little Sookie and a little Lyla in us.
We always will.
Sookie and Lyla both serve a purpose.... but often -- we let Sookie drive.


I show you how to hear your inner-Sookie and give your inner-Lyla a more powerful voice.

-- I'm inviting you in.





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Thank you to my friend, Andrea Nordling for inspiring me to write the stories of Sookie & Lyla.