Weight Loss for the High Achiever.

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The 3 Step Process to obliterate the high achiever's biggest obstacles in hitting your dream, ideal weight.

1. Perfectionism

You may not identify as a perfectionist, but the number one obstacle for high achievers is fearing imperfection and mistakes. You think you have to execute your plan perfectly to hit goals and every time you go off plan your only solution is to "double down" on the plan again. This will not work, you'll learn why in this training and exactly how to solve this.

2. Procrastination

High achievers are obsessed with productivity and getting MORE accomplished. At the same time, you'll find yourself procrastinating on what you KNOW will move you forward. For the high achiever this looks like procrastinating on needle movers with other "to-dos" and tasks (we call this Procrasti-Working).

Sound familiar? You will learn exactly how to catch this in your own life and how to powerfully execute towards tangible results on the scale.

3. Pleasure

You want a break, but when you actually GET a break your High Achiever Brain jumps forward to the next thing you could be working on. Instead of actually enjoying your life right now, you find yourself ruminating and worrying about the future. This is a mistake if you want to hit your ideal weight. On the training you'll understand exactly why this is a problem and how to overcome it.

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Hi, I'm Priyanka.


I worked as a busy ObGyn physician and Mama to 2 little kids with unpredictable hours when I finally lost weight for the last time.

If you had met me a few years ago, you would see me tipping the scale over 200 lbs, counting calories and feeling incredibly frustrated.

I see high achieving working moms making the same mistakes I made.

  • Focus on strict and perfect plans.
  • Don't love the process.
  • Wait for Monday "fresh starts"
  • Allow a hard moment to undo the week.

In my experience as a board certified Ob/Gyn and advanced certified mindset coach for high achieving working moms, I have gotten to know the high achiever's brain well.

High achievers have a unique solution to this problem.

You're going to learn it in this webinar.

Reaching your ideal weight isn't about how smart or capable you are.


If that was it you would already be there.


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