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The Unstoppable Coaching Program

with Dr. Priyanka Venugopal

The Weight Loss Coach for Working Moms


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How we coach: You and I coach weekly via video Zoom in this 6 month private 1-1 coaching experience. You will elevate YOUR belief in yourself to finally allow you to achieve permanent weight loss.


Why we coach: It is all about Weight Loss Science! You will learn HOW and WHY your Brain and Body crave certain foods that compel you to overeat. Some of this comes from over hunger (because of the foods your body is used to eating). The other is from over desire (because of how we feel in our day-to-day lives). We will work together to develop a way of eating that works for you. This will help recalibrate your "hunger hormones" to best support you in permanent weight loss.


What we do together: Coach on anything and everything. From work-life and mom-life to family relationships and following your meal plan. Because it ALL contributes to your relationship with food.


Who you need to be: A committed Working Mom ready for the driver's seat to make powerful change towards your relationship with food to finally reach goal weight.


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