Hi, I'm Dr. Priyanka Goel Venugopal,
The Weight Loss Coach for Working Moms.

Lose weight, connect with your body
& finally stop counting calories


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Fog and Nature

I'm a Working Mom Too

Moms sometimes struggle to strike the perfect balance between being the working mom and the perfect mom.  You work hard and you deserve it all.


I get you, I was that mom... and for the longest time I just didn't know I held the power of creating my ideal life in my own mind.

I'm here to help turn your "mom brain" into your most Unstoppable asset.

Who You Are

You are a working Mom.


You want to lose the weight. Finally.

You want to stop counting calories.

You want to drop the mom-guilt.

You want to discover the power of your brain.

You want to have it all.

You are ready to change.

You want to discover and create Future You.

Who I Am

I'm a working mom that wants it all.

I lost the weight.

I dropped the mom guilt.

I don't count calories, points or macros.

​I committed to coaching with an open heart.


I started chasing my dreams.

I am living my dreams.

I want to coach other moms to do the same.

Wild Nature


I knew weight loss was possible but had given up so many times previously.


Now I feel like it is totally possible. I talk to myself much more kindly and feel calmer in my relationships at home. An unexpected benefit about this program is work feels soooooo much better.

- Jess

I know I have been struggling for the past 10 years not being able to lose 15-20 lbs. I really could not identify what was holding me back when I could achieve so many other hard goals. I was really stuck, frustrated and sick of myself.


I went from not possible to achieving more control with food without all the agony. What I discovered has led to so many positive outcomes that I never expected.


I've become someone I used to envy.

- Pat

I feel like before coaching I was spiraling. I used to stress eat. My job was a nightmare. It was miserable. 


When I feel stress now. I recognize that I looked to food for comfort. I am not there now. I’m super grateful for that. This work has been so beneficial. 

- Kristy