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If being smart or working hard was the solution--

You would have hit your goal weight already.


We need to talk...

Are you tired of the weight loss roller coaster?


Listen, if you're anything like me, you've experienced the weight loss roller coaster and frankly speaking, the constant ups, downs and fresh starts is exhausting. You're tired of having a strategy that feels complicated or unsustainable, especially given how hard you're working being a professional working mom. You've been looking for a new way to lose the weight you want and most importantly-- keep it off.


Counting points and calories, cutting out complete food groups and "just buckling down harder" isn't going to create consistent results for you on the scale. Spending hours of time with the background mental chatter around what (and how) to eat will not get you to your dream, ideal weight faster.


You might have been researching "best strategies" to lose the weight you want but only end up feeling confused or in decision-paralysis on the exact next thing you should do to create the most impact. The more you passively consume, the less you find yourself taking real needle-moving action to create consistent weight loss results.

I have a secret to tell you...

It isn't your fault.


The real reason you haven't lost the weight you wanted (and kept it off with ease) is because you were missing a skill or strategy that would lead you to become a fat burner with science-backed tools. You've been taught to calculate calories, track points, eat less/move more and cut out carbs... As you may have already guessed-- that doesn't work.


Old school diet hacks are just that: hacks.


What might have worked in your 20's won't cut it anymore-- and especially being a high achiever in the work place and at home, you want an effective, deprivation-free strategy that is going to last. This is exactly why I created The Unstoppable Group, the intimate 6 month small group coaching program specifically designed for professional working moms.


Since losing a little over 60 pounds without crazy fads and now keeping it off for years, I have been on a mission to teach other high achieving professional moms the the exact science-backed strategies and mindset skills that are required to lose the weight you want with the time you have.


My clients get amazing weight loss results without a massive life upheaval, all while curing the weight loss burnout and fatigue. They start feeling calm around food, free from food-negotiating, lighter in their gut and confident in consistent results + maintenance. They know how to make tweaks to their goals, navigate vacations + holidays and handle those occasional off-plan moments powerfully.


There is no more weight loss overwhelm.


I show you how inside The Unstoppable Group.


Hi! I'm Dr. Priyanka Venugopal

I am an advanced certified coach for high achieving working moms and I have been exactly where you are right now.

As a board certified Ob/Gyn and Coach I have spent thousands of hours talking with women and there are some deeply common threads that tie working moms together.

You work really hard and are a high achiever-- but you've also put off prioritizing your dream goals and feel heavier than you want to feel.

Things are ok, but you know they could be better... even great. You've worked too hard your whole life only to feel lackluster.

I'm here to tell you you can feel better and lose weight at the same time.

I bring my experience as a physician, coach and working mom who has personally done the work. I lost over 60 lbs without counting points, calories or crazy exercise plans and maintain it with ease.

Along the way, I created a success formula that is simple and robust-- and I teach it to my clients inside The Unstoppable Group.

  • You'll feel lighter and more energized.
  • You'll lose weight with more simplicity.
  • You'll overcome hard moments with more ease.
  • You'll stop fearing imperfect ones.

 Join my signature 6 month coaching experience, The Unstoppable Group--

You can have all of this.


"You will be forever happy with this decision, it will change your life."

- Adrienne


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The Coaching Group for Professional Moms who want consistent weight loss results

The Unstoppable Group is a comprehensive experience that brings together science backed strategies to re-calibrate fat burning hormones while teaching you the mindset skills to match so you master consistent execution without the drama (or frustration). This coaching experience is essential to creating consistency no matter what life obstacle or challenge your facing as a professional working mom.


~ in The Unstoppable Group ~

It's Done Goal Setting

Learn how to set a proper and customized "It's Done" Goal to have consistent wins on the scale week after week. You'll understand exactly when + how to tweak your goal to fit your real life, so no matter what unpredictable obstacles come your way, you never undo your weight loss wins and you stop winging your successes.

Become a Fat Burner

When you know how to make simple nutritional tweaks to foods you love you can re-calibrate fat burning hormones to make weight loss easier and have a plan in your back pocket wherever you go. You can forever stop logging points + calories when you get SCIENCE on your side and feel more satisfied at the same time.

Stop Stress Snacking

You can have the BEST laid plans, but if you don't know how to stop stress snacking + boredom nibbling your weight loss wins will remain inconsistent. Knowing how to take action in challenging moments is the secret ingredient to maintain forever weight loss results that will make you feel CONFIDENT in maintenance.

Powerful Mistakes

You may be a superhero at work and home, but at the end of the day you ARE human. One of the necessary skills you need is to strategically plan for off-plan moments. Mistakes are NEVER the reason for stalled results, and knowing how to handle the random off-plan moment without drama is essential for consistent results.

Your food chatter isn't a problem.
it's a signal on where coaching will reveal your blind spots


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 Client Testimonials

What you get inside Unstoppable


Weekly Live Coaching

6 months of weekly live coaching every Wednesday at 12p EST in an intimate group with other working moms just like you. Get coached on ALL things food, body, work, life and equally learn from the coaching of others. This is a sacred space and held with love and safety.

Intimate Community

This is one of the greatest assets of the Unstoppable experience. The Working Moms in this group are warrior-ninjas. Witnessing the Coaching of your Unstoppable Sisters shows you, you are never alone here. Not inside Unstoppable.

Video Library

The moment you join Unstoppable you get immediate access to the Unstoppable Library. This toolkit has been curated with the busy-mom in mind. It is full of teaching tools for you to apply right away. Clients start losing weight before our first call!

The Coaching Cafe

Unlimited coaching happens inside our members-only "24/7 Coaching Cafe", hosted on Slack. Here you are invited to bring your Brilliant Brain and anything that is coming up for you. You will get coaching by me to help you unblock your obstacles.

The Workbook

For my writing-planning-lovers, I see you! You will be getting a color-printed, beautifully bound workbook mailed to your doorstep as one of the delicious items in your Welcome Box. The Workbook takes our work deeper and is made for the pen-loving fanatics.

Bonus Material

Once you are inside The Unstoppable Intimate Group, you will get immediate access to all previous Masterclasses and Bonus Calls I've ever held. This includes previous Storytimes where I share my stories and the tools I created in the process.


A Sneak Peek Inside...

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The Video Modules

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An Unstoppable Experience

"I have lost 25.9 lb since beginning Unstoppable. I am no longer considered obese. I am so proud of myself, and that’s not something I really would have said to myself before Unstoppable.

I acknowledge the work that I have put in to make my new habits a reality and the effort it has taken to bring my weight loss into a reality. It makes me so excited to know that I have these skills.

I'm not below my pre-baby weight, which feels really amazing. The most powerful thoughts I now believe is I can do this and I can keep it off. It is so energizing. I appreciate that I can live my life without restriction.

One of my favorite parts about Coaching was celebrating my wins, which really fostered how proud I am of myself. It was so unexpected for me to realize how easy it could be to lose weight and listen to my body."


- Samantha

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The Investment

$8000 pay in full
or three payments of $2700

When do we start?

The next group starts: April 2024

It's not a Dream.
This is your It's Done Reality.


I'm not just your Coach.

I've been right in your shoes, walking the heavy walk.

I didn't just want to feel good... I wanted to feel GREAT.

Feeling better and reaching my ideal weight felt far away, like it was easy for other people and just not for me.

Until I discovered a better way.

I've curated the best of my own experiences into The Unstoppable Group. From being a busy-physician-mom who lost over 60 lbs to becoming an advanced certified deep dive coach who helps her clients do the same, this Group has everything you need.

You're Invited.

Your First 30 Days.


In the first 30 days I see my clients start dropping pounds on the scale without counting calories or tracking points. Better yet my clients report they feel more energized, experience less hunger, less bloating, get better quality sleep and feel more clear headed.


How it works?


The moment you join The Unstoppable Group you unlock immediate access to the on-demand video curriculum, you can binge it like Netflix over a weekend or pick out specific videos that pertain to your needs.


On DAY 1 we will meet for our Strategy Workshop where we will custom create your Fat-Burning Action Plan together. This will be a simple plan, with small nutrition tweaks that will teach your body how to access her stored energy (fat) and burn it for energy. You will leave this workshop with a clear and confident vision of what your exact next steps are, including what + how to eat in a way that serves your goal.


We will also co-create YOUR personal weight loss goal taking your long term vision in mind. I will teach you my unique framework in how to properly set a goal so you are lined up for success. THEN we get to implementing your action plan.


You will practice folding this action plan into your real working mom life so it feels simple and sustainable, without require MORE of your time or effort.

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What clients are saying

I hear your FAQs

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The #1 FAQ Answered

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What makes Unstoppable Different

The Unstoppable Group is specifically designed and curated for the working mom. You'll know this group will be a best fit for you if you identify as someone who wants to have STELLAR accomplishments at work and at the same time want to feel connected with your kids and family at home.


You know you have 2 FULL time jobs-- and because you are always so leaned in on upleveling at both work and home, you've forgotten to uplevel YOUR personal weight loss goals in the mix.


The Unstoppable Group is the answer to this. Every feature of the program is designed for you to fold into your REAL working mom life. You learn how to lose weight in SMALL pockets of time because you create a strategy ONCE and then learn how to master implementation.


You don't need MORE time or more effort to lose weight. You simply need to know how to use the time you have more effectively. I help you do this as your Coach.

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