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Imagine if:
  • You lost weight with more ease.
  • You loved the way you ate.
  • You stopped fearing imperfection.
  • You started having more energy.
  • You felt more authentically you.
  • You didn't feel alone in the struggle.


Hi! I'm Dr. Priyanka Venugopal

I am an advanced certified coach for high achieving working moms and I have been exactly where you are right now.

As a board certified Ob/Gyn and Coach I have spent thousands of hours talking with women and there are some deeply common threads that tie working moms together.

You work really hard and are a high achiever-- but you've also put off prioritizing your dream goals and feel heavier than you want to feel.

Things are ok, but you know they could be better... even great. You've worked too hard your whole life only to feel lackluster.

I'm here to tell you you can feel better and lose weight at the same time.

I bring my experience as a physician, coach and working mom who has personally done the work. I lost over 60 lbs without counting points, calories or crazy exercise plans and maintain it with ease.

Along the way, I created a success formula that is simple and robust-- and I teach it to my clients inside The Unstoppable Group.

  • You'll feel lighter and more energized.
  • You'll lose weight with more simplicity.
  • You'll overcome hard moments with more ease.
  • You'll stop fearing imperfect ones.

 Join my signature 6 month coaching experience, The Unstoppable Group--

You can have all of this.


"You will be forever happy with this decision, it will change your life."

- Adrienne


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Client Testimonials.



"I thought there has to be a group of women who feel what I feel. In our written coaching things came up that were below the surface for decades... and I had no idea it existed. People ask me how I've lost weight and I tell them-- oh it's Coaching."

You will be so forever happy with the decision to get Coached with a fellow group of Unstoppable Moms. I don't want to go corny, but it will change your life. My life has been changed, I'm so grateful."


"It's the first time I can call myself out and I don't have to worry about the Gold Star anymore. The weight I've lost above my shoulders surpasses what I've lost below.

And I've lost weight below my shoulders, I'm wearing my kids clothes now. I dieted for 40 years and it's not going to happen again. I missed 5 decades, I hid for 5 decades. We worked, we did this.

Yes, it was a financial investment and it was beyond worth every penny and having my girls see me do it."


"I heard how you talked about your group and the love, care and joy you have coaching your people I was like I want to be a part of that group.

In the group coaching setting that you set up, there was no place for compare and despair. If you see what someone else has, you don't need to be jealous, you can just be inspired by it.

You provided such an awesome framework and so many tools to choose from. I could pick a couple and be successful-- 

The biggest piece I came to after working with you was truly for the first time in 49 years loving every part of my body."


"I had tried and tried to do it myself but I needed something for me.... as opposed to for the kids and for work. It was scary knowing I could fail again-- but I was ready, like let's do this give me the homework! 

Honestly to wear clothes I haven't  been able to wear feels really, really good. It feels like I have a whole new wardrobe.

Embracing in my bones this was for the long haul, not a diet. This was real and perfection isn't real.

If I don't this, nothing else was going to work better. The stars aligned, the Universe had spoken, this was the right time."


Your inner-monologue has driven you to WORK harder and BE better.


This works amazingly for a little grit and grind.

▐ Task Lists

▐ Project Deadlines

▐ Board exams


Grit & Grind and hating your weight loss process might work for little bursts, but it isn't sustainable for permanent results on the scale (or any area of your life).


This is the reason you find yourself in a restriction-overindulgence cycle. You overwork, restrict tight during the week, only to overindulge on the evenings and weekends undoing all of your hard earned results.


This is a cycle that sometimes feels unbreakable and it's the reason you find yourself waiting for the next "fresh start"...


But the next Monday morning, New Years or Birthday isn't enough to sustain those moments you "don't feel like it..." and this is normal. Fresh-start motivation always wanes, so if you've been relying on it to live a lighter life and lose weight, it makes sense you've felt a struggle.


So what is the solution?   

Whole Body Delightment.

I teach my clients a process that teaches them how to delight their taste buds and their bodies at the same time. You learn science-backed strategies that will make your body a fat burner without sacrificing pleasure. You have to love the way you eat for sustainable results-- it is a core principle of the Unstoppable Process.


You also have to learn how to manage hard and imperfect moments-- and you do this by learning specific Coaching Tools and Strategies. This means your time, work, kids, partner don't have to change for you to feel better and lighter.


I don't want you to have a "stress-free life"-- that's not real or practical. Instead I show you practical skills to manage stress, uncertainty and pressure with more mastery and control than you realized was possible. Learning how to take action even when you don't always feel like it is what will make the difference for you to reach your dream goals.
It is the most priceless skill of a lifetime-- and one that you will pass on to your children, changing the trajectory of your family's life.


Feel yourself lighting up?

It might be time for us to work together.


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An Unstoppable Experience

"I have lost 25.9 lb since beginning Unstoppable. I am no longer considered obese. I am so proud of myself, and that’s not something I really would have said to myself before Unstoppable.

I acknowledge the work that I have put in to make my new habits a reality and the effort it has taken to bring my weight loss into a reality. It makes me so excited to know that I have these skills.

I'm not below my pre-baby weight, which feels really amazing. The most powerful thoughts I now believe is I can do this and I can keep it off. It is so energizing. I appreciate that I can live my life without restriction.

One of my favorite parts about Coaching was celebrating my wins, which really fostered how proud I am of myself. It was so unexpected for me to realize how easy it could be to lose weight and listen to my body."


- Samantha

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We are a magical match
if you:

✓ Identify as a Working Mom.
✓ Want balance in your life.
✓ Want lightness for your body.
✓ Ready to prioritize Yourself.
✓ Committed to your dreams.

What you get inside Unstoppable


Weekly Live Coaching

6 months of weekly live coaching in an intimate group with other working moms just like you. Get coached on ALL things food, body, work, life and equally learn from the coaching of others. This is a sacred space and held with love and safety.

Intimate Community

This is one of the greatest assets of the Unstoppable experience. The Working Moms in this group are warrior-ninjas. Witnessing the Coaching of your Unstoppable Sisters shows you, you are never alone here. Not inside Unstoppable.

Video Library

The moment you join Unstoppable you get immediate access to the Unstoppable Library. This toolkit has been curated with the busy-mom in mind. It is full of teaching tools for you to apply right away. Clients start losing weight before our first call!

The Coaching Cafe

Unlimited coaching happens inside our members-only "24/7 Coaching Cafe", hosted on Slack. Here you are invited to bring your Brilliant Brain and anything that is coming up for you. You will get coaching by me to help you unblock your obstacles.

The Workbook

For my writing-planning-lovers, I see you! You will be getting a color-printed, beautifully bound workbook mailed to your doorstep as one of the delicious items in your Welcome Box. The Workbook takes our work deeper and is made for the pen-loving fanatics.

Bonus Material

Once you are inside The Unstoppable Intimate Group, you will get immediate access to all previous Masterclasses and Bonus Calls I've ever held. This includes previous Storytimes where I share my stories and the tools I created in the process.

The Investment

$8000 pay in full
or three payments of $2700

When does the Magic start?

We start our 6 months on April 18th.


✨Live Coaching Calls✨
✨ Strategy Orientation Call✨
✨24/7 Written Coaching Cafe✨
✨Immediate access to Video Modules✨

I want in!

It's not a Dream.
This is your It's Done Reality.


I'm not just your Coach.

I've been right in your shoes, walking the heavy walk.

I didn't just want to feel good... I wanted to feel GREAT.

Feeling better and reaching my ideal weight felt far away, like it was easy for other people and just not for me.

Until I discovered a better way.

I've curated the best of my own experiences into The Unstoppable Group. From being a busy-physician-mom who lost over 60 lbs to becoming an advanced certified deep dive coach who helps her clients do the same, this Group has everything you need.

You're Invited.

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Next Steps:
The Unstoppable Group is an intimate community of high achieving working moms who are all in. Feeling nervous is normal-- the work we do requires you take action anyway.
Don't worry, I will show you how to do this.
This consult call is a sales call.
It is designed to show you what the real problem has been and how our work together will solve it. This call is designed for you to decide if The Unstoppable Group is best fit to achieve it.
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