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You can't hate weight loss and lose weight, permanently. If you've hated your old weight loss strategies, tried to count calories and restrict your way to your ideal weight I want you to know this--


There is a better way and I'm teaching it to you in this masterclass. You're going to leave this class with solid understanding of why weight loss has been such a struggle so far and then actionable steps you can implement right away.


There will be teaching, coaching and plenty of time to answer questions. Block this time out on your calendar now so you can attend live.

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HEY, I'M Priyanka!

I'm a Mama, Obgyn Physician, Mindset Coach and Coffee Lover.


Aka-- I'm an ambitious working mom and I've tried it all....


The measuring, counting and calculating always felt like a short-lived way to lose weight... and not surprisingly, it was. It's true, you can muscle, hustle and willpower over the struggle for short bursts.


You're probably an expert at tapping into willpower to muscle through, aren't you?


You already know it doesn't work for lasting weight loss.

If you've been muscling and hustling to lose weight, know this-- your energy reserves deplete. It's normal when the willpower stores are gone to think "Screw it, I'll start again tomorrow."


If working hard or being smart was all you needed to reach your ideal weight, simply-- working moms would already have solved this problem. Reaching your ideal weight requires you drop the struggle to begin with.


Sound like something you want?


I've gone back through my own process, and taken apart exactly how I created my own 60 lb weight loss without calorie counting and excess exercise while being a busy working mom.


I'm teaching it to you in this masterclass.

I'll see you inside.





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